The Servant Leadership Journal: An 18 Week Journey to Transform You and Your Organization

Servant leadership is a form of leadership that turns the traditional organization chart upside down; the leader exists to serve the people he leads. In the Servant Leadership Journal, author and servant leadership implementer Art Barter teaches nine behaviors necessary to grow into a servant leader. Through the journaling process, these behaviors will change your mindset about leading in your personal life and your organization. You can join us on this journey by changing your leadership behaviors—reaping rewards you never thought possible. There are four distinct steps that are key to effective journaling: Educate yourself on the meaning of each behavior. Understand where you are with each behavior. Be courageous to see the real you. Apply what you are learning to your life. What specific areas do you want to improve? Reflect by recording the results of your journey. Let’s change that old, worn out saying, “Walk the talk” to “Behave your talk.TM ” Show others you are serious about becoming a different type of leader—one who can be trusted to act the same way you talk.


Farmer Able:  A fable about servant leadership transforming
organizations and people from the inside out

If you’re looking to develop a new and profoundly satisfying leadership style, one that advocates serving others and creating ethical, engaging workplaces and innovative environments, this book will set you on your way. If you are tired of “business as usual,” this lively story will get you thinking about how to inspire your employees and produce better results.

Through Farmer Able, Art Barter challenges us to seek not just success, but significance in our careers. The story is deceptively simple and yet it will cause you to think deeply about the way you have been leading and how you want to lead in the future. This is a book you’ll want to share with your entire team. To quote one of our endorsers, “you can read it in an afternoon but the conversations it inspires will last for weeks.”

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Servant Leadership Implementation Guides

Servant Leadership Institute presents Servant Leadership Implementation Guides to better equip individuals and organizations for servant leadership journeys. Each booklet draws on real-life examples from Datron World Communications’ servant leadership transformation. Practical examples and insights on how servant leaders handle the day-to-day common challenges and obstacles are highlighted as we reveal what it takes to change a culture.

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