Passion and Commitment

“I’m a big fan of Art Barter. He has a servant’s heart and talks from the heart with passion and commitment to help himself and everyone be the best they can be.”

Ken Blanchard
The Ken Blanchard Companies
The One Minute Manager


“Art Barter is one of the most inspirational people you will ever meet. Under his servant leadership model, Datron World Communications grew from $10 million in business in 2004 to over $200 million in 2010. In 2008, he founded the Servant Leadership Institute as part of the Datron group of companies with a mission of developing servant leaders that transform organizations, including ours. Art is not only generous with his philanthropy but perhaps more importantly, he shares his wisdom and sets the bar high for others to aspire to.”

Erich Foeckler
Donor Relations Officer
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Renews Hope and Faith

“In an era where headlines are full of corporate greed, CEOs’ abuse of power, and corruption in leadership, the story of Art Barter and Datron World Communications renews hope and faith that success can be achieved through sacrifice and service for the sake of others. Datron’s growth under such leadership is truly inspirational.”

Jaimee Pittman
Baron Center, Inc.

Candid, Humble, Devoted, Savvy

“I was invited to attend a series of seminars through The Servant Leadership Institute in Carlsbad, CA. I immediately signed up for the courses and began my journey into turning my company around by believing and implementing the principals that Art Barter shared with us. He is a humble but candid man who has walked through diversity himself as a CEO. I have the upmost respect for Art and his passion for helping our corporate leaders imagine a new way of leading. I think Art is very deserving of this recognition: not only does he talks the talk, but he walks the walk. He is an inspirational leader in our community; a devoted philanthropist and a savvy business-owner.”

Linda Strand
Independent Energy Solutions, Inc.

He Lives Servant Leadership

“Over the many years I’ve come to know Art, what I love most about him is that he not only teaches servant leadership, but he lives servant leadership.

“A compassionate and transparent speaker, Art has a knack for making the seemingly complex easy to understand. His transformational story about leading his organization for the sake of others renews confidence in leadership today.”

John C. Maxwell
Leadership Expert, Author and Speaker

Energized, Catalyzed, Actualized!

“Mr. Barter is an incredible inspiration in our community. He is a model servant leader and his support for the students of Vista Unified School District has had a positive impact that will resonate for many years in the future. Our leadership team has been energized by his talks on servant leadership and he has catalyzed a shift that is helping us to actualize our core values of respect, trust, and collaboration.”

Devin Vodicka, EdD
Superintendent Of Schools
Vista Unified School District

Lives What He Shares

“Art Barter is always compelling and inspiring. It’s one thing to simply ‘tell’ an audience how to lead, but he really lives what he shares. That is something unique in today’s world. Art truly models servant leadership at its best.”

Mark Larson
Radio Talk Show Host

Train the Trainers

“Art is passionate about Servant Leadership! He gets it – change can only come from the ‘top’ and only when the top understands they must be ‘one who serves.’ He has made it his focus and mission to ‘train the trainers’ and thus multiply the only real model of leadership that is culturally transformative.”

Tory Walker
Tory R. Walker Engineering

How to Be a True Leader

“Art has taught me so much about leadership as an individual. Through his many SLI events I have learned how to be a true leader not just in my career but my personal life. I always thought of being a leader as a career trait, but I learned through Art it goes beyond that. I am now a leader in every aspect of my life. The incredible effect it has on your employees, family, friends and community members is life-changing. Art has taught me when you serve others you serve your true purpose in life.”

Lauren Jane Stephenson
Development Director
Women’s Resource Center

He Gets Results

“Art Barter is one of the truly great servant leaders in the world. As one who gets results in a way that inspires trust, Art genuinely models what he teaches.”

Stephen M.R. Covey
Bestselling Author
The Speed of Trust
Smart Trust

Values + Business = Success

“Art has been an inspiration to us at WD-40 Company for many years. His concepts of servant leadership are embedded in our leadership development efforts globally. He has given selflessly of his time to the employees participating in our Leadership Laboratory series of courses. His Servant Leadership Institute continues to give back to the business community without a single thought of recompense. Art is the embodiment of living one’s values while growing a phenomenally successful business. Values and performance are not in contest with each other. Art proves that values in leadership are the prerequisites for business success. Thank you, Art, for all that you do, and all that you are.”

Stan Sewitch
VP Global Organization Development
WD-40 Company

Walks the Talk

“In a business world where it’s all about me and without ‘me’ the company fails, Art dispels that paradigm by living the life of a servant leader everyday in his company. His passion for putting the needs of others in his organization before his and leading by example empowers his team to serve the needs of their clients at an unprecedented level. Art teaches that the success of being a true servant leader isn’t measured by the size of your organization or the degrees behind your name but rather the size of your heart and your willingness to develop others to do the same. My son, Brent, and I left inspired to look at the future through a completely different set of lenses. Thanks Art for laying out so simply how you and your entire Datron team ‘Walk the Talk!'”

Gregory L. Ayers, DMD
Pro-Grin Dental

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