Servant leadership videos with Art Barter

Art Barter: Biggest Challenge of a Leader

An excerpt from Art Barter’s Keynote speech at the 2016 Servant Leadership Conference in Coronado, CA

Feb 2016

Art Barter: Servant Leaders know their weaknesses

An excerpt from SLI founder and CEO Art Barter on the importance of self reflection when being an effective servant leader.

March 2016

Art Barter on Millenials in the workplace

Art Barter gives an insightful perspective on what we should expect from younger generations coming into the workplace.

Oct 2015

SLC 2016 San Diego Keynote Speaker: Art Barter

CEO and Owner of Servant Leadership Institute, Art Barter talks on how Servant Leadership has affected him on his journey to success and personal intent plays a key role in making Servant leadership work for your organization.

Jan 2016

Art Barter, five-time host and keynote speaker at Servant Leadership Conference West

Art relates the highlights and experiences of the most recent Servant Leadership Conference in San Diego, CA.

March 2015

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